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Outstanding Ofsted for Torah Nursery

By Janet Smith

As parents we hope that all our children will come home with a glowing end of term report, full of A’s and positive comments. It makes us feel we have done our job well. So you can imagine the pride that the governors, staff and parents all felt when they received the results of the recent Ofsted inspection carried out at Torah Montessori Nursery. Having spoken to parents, held discussions with staff, viewed a range of policy and planning documents and observed activities both indoors and out, the inspectors’s thorough report was awaited with interest.

With four possible categories in which the nursery could be placed, it was gratifying to have confirmed for us that the nursery is “Grade 1 - Outstanding”.

In particular the inspector noted that, “Staff provide excellent quality teaching, asking appropriate questions and listening to the children i order to encourage and stimulate their learning”. She further felt that the teaching staff and management provided highly effective educational programmes that stimulated the pupils. across the curriculum, she picked up on the strong development in mathematics and language. She complimented the nursery on the use Montessori materials to enhance learning.

The inspector was extremely impressed by the individuality of the assessment carried our at the nursery, noting, “Staff very effectively use a process of observation, assessment and activity planning to provide exciting challenges, appropriate to the children’s individual needs, interests and abilities”. The use of online tracking documents and learning logs was praised, as was the peer observation between members of staff to ensure that the quality of teaching remains consistently high.

Social and emotional growth is an important aspect withing the nursery environment and the inspector stated that, “Staff promote children’s health and safety very efficiently, encourage them to behave well and support their readiness for school through a wide range of activities”.

The physical development of the children was described as “Excellent” both in therms of outdoor opportunities and motor skills, while particular reference was made to the weekly yoga sessions for coordination.

The relationship between the three main elements of the school community, namely the parents, the children and the teachers was praised. “Staff safeguard children’s welfare exceptionally well, work closely in partnership with parents and drive improvement through astute and well targeted plans to raise the quality of the nursery provision even further.”#

The commitment of staff was noted and the opportunities for personal staff development highlighted, with staff having attended paediatric first aid training, healthy eating course and safeguarding workshops.

The inspector awarded Torah Nursery a Grade 1 because “the outstanding provision is highly effective in meeting the needs of all the children exceptionally well. This ensures that the children are very well prepared for the next stage of their learning”.

“There is an exceptionally stimulating, well-resourced and welcoming environment in which the children are happy, relaxed and secure”.

A *report don’t you think?

Mazel tov to all concerned. May you go from strength to strength Torah Montessori Nursery.