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Parents’ stories

​We hope these testimonials from parents will give you a feel for just how special is Torah Montessori Nursery.

My daughter is extremely happy at the nursery and it is no exaggeration to say that she looks forward to every session she attends. It is a great comfort to us to see how well she is cared for by Penina Efune and her staff and the excellent level of individual attention and affection which is shown to her.


Just take a walk through the Torah Nursery and you will get a sense for yourselves how the children feel they belong to an extended family; they feel safe; they feel loved; they feel stimulated; and above all they feel down to the core a deep sense of belonging and an absolute love for their Jewishness.


Torah nursery is a truly special place. From the fantastic, kind, caring and loving teachers who work there, to the high level of pre-education standards, I could not recommend a nursery more. The Jewish values, religion, tradition, and culture combined with the Montessori-based education is genuinely an ideal package for the foundation of a nursery.

My son absolutely adores going to Torah and is well prepared for reception year at school, both socially and academically. With the help of Penny and the Montessori equipment, he has even been able to add four-digit numbers at the age of 4. He is also halfway through learning the Hebrew alphabet! We could not be happier with Charlie’s development over the years and would like to thank the amazing staff at Torah for all their hard work and efforts.


I have taught in many nurseries and really feel that this nursery offers the very best you can get for your child.

Roberta (Montessori teacher)

Mummy, I’m thinking with my brain.

Joel (pupil at Torah Nursery)

My child settled in really quickly, she is very happy to be at nursery and I know she is in good hands.


Staff are personable, approachable and very attentive, they really know my child. Activities are well placed and thought through and children feel at ease and engaged.


All 3 children have done really well at Torah and have been a step ahead when starting school.


When we arrived in Brighton 2½ years ago my husband and I were delighted to be able to send our twins to such a wonderful nursery. The classroom is fabulous, the playground is perfect and the teachers’ genuine pleasure and love for the children clearly shone through. The way all the children are nurtured at Torah is truly heartwarming. It is a nursery filled with love, growth and sunshine.

Carrie N

We feel our children are happy, challenged and safe. There is a lovely balance between values, life skills and education.

Sarah & Dan

The Torah Montessori nursery provides the best possible start for a child’s education and development. Jacob started at the nursery when he was twenty months old and Jasmine started just before she was two.

I have to give Steph particular credit for the thoughtfulness, care and warmth shown in settling in Jacob (and later Jasmine), which was fantastic, as well as the support given to me from everyone as an anxious mum putting my child in any form of childcare for the first time.

After very little time what struck me is that it felt like I was leaving Jacob with family and this feeling alleviated my anxiety completely.

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Dr. Philippa Lazarus

The nursery is a special place, leaving lovely, kind, Jewish footprints in the hearts of so many. The steadfast calm support, advice and encouragement you have offered has been invaluable. Thank you for bringing out the best in our child.

Sara & Ade

I feel completely confident and happy that my children are being nurtured and cared for. Their development has progressed in leaps and bounds. The staff know your child so well and the communication is excellent.


Torah Montessori is not just a nursery, it is a second home for all the children who go there. It is a place where children are genuinely loved and cared for by the most wonderful staff. Many nurseries that I have seen before feel like institutions where making money is the ultimate goal. Torah Nursery is a completely unique place, where children and their needs come first. There is always enough staff to give every child the attention and care that they need.

Values such as kindness, friendship, forgiveness and responsibility are not just words, but they are taught to children and implemented by everyone on a daily basis. My daughter Carine loves the nursery very much. Within a few months she has developed her social skills and has learned a great deal about the world around her. Despite the fact that my daughter has no Jewish background it has been wonderful to see how much she has absorbed the rich Jewish heritage and culture through songs and stories.