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  • Manager &
    Head Teacher

    • EYP (Early Years Professional)
      Sussex University, 2011
    • B.Ed (Hons)
      North London University, 2001
    • Teaching Diploma
      Beis Rivkah, New York Seminary, 1980
    Penina Efune


    I have been in Education for 35 years and am passionate about maintaining high standards of quality provision and excellence.

    I particularly like to focus on cultivating positive values, such as gratitude and kindness, and make a point of noticing and celebrating children’s good deeds every day.

    I also love to give children an awareness of something higher than themselves and teach the richness of Judaism through songs, music, art projects, drama and first-hand experiences.

  • Deputy Head &
    Montessori Teacher

    • Montessori Early Childhood Teaching Diploma
      Kent & Sussex, 2013
    • NVQ Level 3
      City & Guilds, 2009
    Roberta Frosolini


    Hello, I am a certified Montessori Early Childhood Teacher with a warm Mediterranean personality. I believe in creating a secure, beautiful classroom environment, which nurtures the child and allows their individuality and potential to blossom.

    The Montessori method fuels my passion to create materials and new fun ways to teach children about the world, ensuring that each child is well prepared for school. I truly love coming to work each day, Torah Montessori Nursery is the place that allows me to be myself at my best.

  • Key Worker

    Natalia Berke


    I have a lot of experience in working with children, whether it be through Camp Simcha, GIFT, Limmud or general childcare.

    I am passionate about music and also enjoy creating imaginative obstacle courses, reading stories and assisting during independent choosing time.

    The children really do make me smile a lot! It’s a privilege to help them grow and develop and I hope to continue this work for many years to come.

  • Cook

    • City & Guild’s Catering & Hotel Management
      Guilford College, 1974
    Gillian Stark


    I have been at Torah for 28 years and I love it! As well as developing healthy dietary options, learning about Kosher catering has been a good education and I have made lots of friends.

  • Volunteer

    Hazel Coppins


    I have been a volunteer working in the nursery for the past year and a half. I have made so many friends with staff, parents and children that the whole experience has been far more rewarding than I imagined.

    I love helping in the nursery, getting to know the children and interacting with each one of them. It has been an education for me to see how the children develop, mature and benefit from such a very wonderful nursery such as this, run by an excellent and caring group of teachers.


Joining Penina on the Board of Governors are:

  • Andrea Diskin


    I am a learning mentor in a local state primary school and have worked with children with special educational needs for 25 years.

    I have always been passionate about children of all backgrounds achieving their full potential and believe that the holistic approach of the Montessori system provides the perfect start in a child’s educational life.

    I have supported the Torah Montessori Nursery for many years because I know how nurtured and valued the children are in their care.

  • Norina Duke


    I was manager of Ralli Hall, a community centre, for 27 years.

    When I retired—and after a number of different invitations—I chose to be a governor at the Torah Montessori Nursery. I totally support their commitment to provide a warm Jewish environment for children in their care.

  • Raquel Margo


    I am a parent governor who has worked with youth, the arts, and play work. More recently I teach road safety to primary-age children in schools in Brighton and Hove.

    My son Ori attended the Torah Montessori nursery for 2½ years and just left this July to go to primary school. Ori thoroughly enjoyed his time at nursery and left very well equipped to start school.

    I highly value this nursery and want to see it thrive.

  • Janet Smith


    As a retired teacher of over 40 years, I feel strongly about quality education.

    My role on the board of Torah Montessori Nursery has given me the opportunity to see first-hand how amazing a caring, loving, rich environment can be, and how the children in our care really thrive.