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Why tomorrow matters now

Parents want the best for their children right from the start.

Three saplings under care

Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson

If values — such as Kindness, Happiness, Respect, Gratitude and Truth — are important to you, then nursery school is the time to start sharing them and creating long-lasting impressions for life.

Experiences we have as young children form the basis of what we regard as comforting and safe for years to come. Research shows the importance of early childhood experiences, from birth through 5 years, on a child’s future growth and development.

It is during these early years that a child’s brain establishes lifelong neural pathways that set the course for future abilities and interests.

In a mature tree, a gash here or a torn branch there is of little or no consequence. But the smallest scratch in the seed, the slightest nick in the sapling, can seriously affect the growing tree. Hence great care is needed in the education of the very young.

If you want your child to connect to something higher than themselves and have a spiritual awareness, then daily meaningful prayer will build spiritual sensitivity, similarly giving some coins to charity each day develops the ability to give.

If Jewish parents would like their children to feel at home in a Jewish setting, then singing Jewish songs and discussing Jewish festivals and values all create long-lasting positive experiences of their rich heritage.

Parents want the best for their children right from the start. Even while we are still pregnant, we are already seeking out the best paediatrician, the best hospital for our delivery, and the best items for our baby registry. What could be more important than the best nursery environment to sensitively, thoughtfully and lovingly lay the foundations that will bring out the best in your child?

Remember, tomorrow matters now!